Guide to Planning a Wedding – 3 Cons to Using a Wedding Planner

Looking for a guide to planning a wedding, you have many different options to choose from. Call over your best friend who already did it, join forces with your mother, buy a wedding planning book, or even get a wedding planner. This article will tell you 3 cons to using a wedding planner and why it might not be the best choice for you.1. Cost: This is by far the biggest reason a wedding planner might not be the way to go. While they can save you time since they’ll be taking care of just about everything, they aren’t cheap. So if your budget is limited, it might be best to use your money towards your wedding rather than giving it to someone to plan your wedding. Wedding planners tend to cost between $2000-$5000. That’s a lot of money, you can throw a wedding for that amount, trust me I’ve done it! If you have a little time and the proper guide, you can plan the wedding yourself and spend that money either on your wedding, your honeymoon, or just save it for your future.2. Loss of Control: Whether you feel like planning your wedding or not, hiring a wedding planner means you relinquish control almost completely. They will take care of everything and some brides do not like the idea that they aren’t involved in the process. Your wedding day is a big day, you’ve probably been thinking about it for years and you will want to feel your personal touches when you walk down the aisle and go to your reception.3. Clash of Personalities: Unless you have the time to interview many different wedding planners you might not get a chance to really find someone you get along with. This can be a big deal down the road when they are asking you questions all of the time or if they do something you really don’t like but won’t listen to you. There is nothing worse than going to your own wedding and seeing colors that aren’t what you would have chosen, eating food you don’t even like (but trust them they know best), or hearing your family bicker because they had to sit next to someone they don’t like. Some of these things really need to be handled by the bride and groom; a wedding should have a personal touch and be something you remember, not just the wedding day itself, but the whole experience.This article talked about a guide to planning a wedding and 3 cons to using a wedding planner. While many people choose to hire them and most do an exceptional job, it can cost quite a bit to hire one. Plus, there is a disconnect between the bride and groom and their wedding day so when the actual day arrives it may seem like their going to someone else’s wedding instead of their own. When you take the time to create your wedding day yourself and make the decisions and see everything take shape, the actual day is just a tad bit more magical.